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You know when you're flipping through old pictures that your mom or dad have stashed away and you catch glimpses of your youth maybe you forgot about or were too young to remember? That feeling of nostalgia hits you and you're so incredibly glad that moment was frozen through some old, cheap film camera your mom had for years. Or maybe you find some OLD old pictures your grandparents had of their childhood and their parents. Without those photographs, you would've never known what your great grandparents looked like. I know with my Grandma's old images, I was able to meet my grandfathers and great grandparents. Those reasons alone had me taking pictures of everything and everyone throughout my adult life. I would've never imaged that I could make a career out of creating those feelings and moments for someone else. This is why I love my job. The images I create play a part of your lives, and your children's lives, and eventually their children's lives. It's such a special thing and I'm thankful I get to be a part of that for other people!


Some of my loves:

-all things vintage and floral 

-90s music dance parties, especially in my car on the way to a wedding

-a fresh bouquet of flowers

-my husband, Lou

-Meat James & Sophie Grace - our pups (my husband chose Meat's name, obvs)

-nature and taking in all the simple beauties it gives us

-baking and cooking. If it looks pretty, I want to make it (and to photograph it)

-family get-togethers

-good coffee at a local shop

-Cleveland Cavs

-warm, summer evenings and the smell of Fall

-local wineries - where there is good wine, there is good food ;]

-exploring new places

-making people smile


Snapshots of my life